Panda Auwalu Baba, How a Male change agent supports women’s empowerment and nutrition in kano state.

In Takai Local Governments of Kano State, a dedicated figure is making a remarkable difference. Panda Auwalu Baba, a field officer trained in poultry farming, nutrition, and community support,  has grown a community of passionate women poultry farmers in Takai LGAs of Kano State.

Panda, a father of three with a deep connection to his community, started his journey with the Centre for Well-being and Integrated Nutrition Solutions (C-WINS) two years ago. His role in the World Bank-supported Accelerating Nutrition Results in Nigeria (ANRiN) initiative has been pivotal in addressing malnutrition and economic challenges in these communities.

“Growing up here, I saw firsthand the struggles that families face,” Panda recalls. “There were days when even a single meal was hard to come by. I knew I wanted to make a difference, to help my community find a way out of this cycle of poverty and malnutrition.”

When C-WINS introduced the idea of integrating small-scale poultry farming with nutrition interventions, Panda was one of the first to volunteer. He underwent extensive training in poultry management, nutrition, and community support. Armed with knowledge and a passion for change, he set out to implement the project.

His days are long and filled with challenges, but Panda’s dedication never wavers. From sunrise to sunset, he travels between villages, providing support and guidance to the women participating in the project. He ensures that each of the 600 households involved in the initiative receives the resources and training they need to succeed.

“Poultry farming might seem simple, but there’s a lot to learn,” Panda explains. “From building coops to understanding the nutritional needs of the chicks, it takes time and effort. My job is to make sure these women feel confident and supported every step of the way.”

One of the women Panda works with is Aisha, a mother of four from Takai. She remembers her initial skepticism when Panda first approached her with the idea of poultry farming. “I didn’t believe it could make such a difference,” she admits. “But Panda’s patience and encouragement convinced me to give it a try.”

Under Panda’s guidance, Aisha received 25 noiler chicks and learned how to care for them. He taught her about feeding, vaccination, and the importance of clean water and proper shelter for the chicks. “Panda was always there, checking on us, answering our questions, and making sure we had everything we needed,” Aisha says.

The results have been transformative. Aisha’s children now enjoy a nutritious diet that includes eggs and chicken, and her family’s income has improved significantly through the sale of surplus eggs. “It’s more than just food and money,” Aisha emphasizes. “It’s about knowing we have a future. Panda helped us see that.”

Panda’s efforts go beyond just technical support. He understands the social dynamics of his community and works tirelessly to foster a sense of solidarity and mutual support among the participants. “It’s about building a community that supports each other,” he says. “When one family succeeds, we all succeed.”

His impact is evident in the stories of the women he supports. Maryam, another participant from Takai, shares her experience: “Panda taught us not only how to farm but also how to believe in ourselves. His dedication and belief in our potential have changed our lives.”

Despite the success, Panda remains humble and focused on the future. He continues to address the challenges of accessing quality feed and veterinary services, always seeking innovative solutions to ensure the sustainability of the project.

Like Panda Centre for Well-being and Integrated Nutrition Solutions builds the capacity of field officers to the point that they become passionate, committed, and result-driven. Panda and the research team who worked in the field during the project are the change agents that ensure the small-scale poultry farming project becomes a model for sustainable development in rural communities. 

Panda Auwalu Baba’s story is one of unwavering commitment and transformative impact. His work with C-WINS has not only improved the lives of hundreds of families but has also sown the seeds of lasting change in Kura and Takai. Through his dedication, Panda has become the heartbeat of a movement that promises a brighter, healthier future for his community.

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